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I don't want to use WordPress anymore, so I made a fancy new from scratch and have started making posts there instead. The old content is still available here, but probably won't be forever. For those who don't like to read, here are some images to help:

newsite oldsite


Screw TechGear2007

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The fine folks at TechGear2007 apparently figure their content is so awesome they can bully their way in to forcing people to look at bullshit ads. When following a link from a search engine to one of their pages I noticed that it loads the page and then fills the entire page with this.


tg2007's message: Pay us or fuck off.

Sorry fellahs, all you've done is convince me that your page must be so full of tracking, ads, and general digital fuckery that it simply isn't worth looking at. Later baters!


Marigold Is A Monster

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I took Marigold out for a walk this afternoon and look what she did.


Click for full size!


The New Smartphone.

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As of late I have been pretty irritated with the spam posts at reddit… but I am glad I didn't stop reading reddit crap yet, because this video was posted today, and it is awesome.


Bill Hicks

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It has been 22 years since Bill Hicks stopped sharing his wisdom with the world. Sadly, most people are still empty and blind to it.


DIY Deer Lick

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Lately I have been thinking that it would make sense to hunt closer to home. That is nice and all, but it means I gotta get the deer closer to the place where I want to hunt first. I have been making some paths for them to use and leaving behind some cedar clippings and they have been coming around the area I want. I thought maybe a nice salt lick would also encourage them, but I didn't feel like spending a bunch of money on store bought stuff if I could make something at home. I found some youtube videos describing how to make it at home, and here is my first attempt.


My first home made salt lick.

It is basically just salt and maple syrup… both of which are technically store bought, but are stuff I had around the house anyways. I just poured a bunch of salt in a plastic container and added syrup (while stirring) until it was about the consistency of applesauce. My understanding is that it is supposed to harden up over time and I will be able to put it out in the woods as a salt lick. Let's see how well it works.

Hmmm, makes me want some French toast.


SMPlayer Beg?

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In a previous post it was revealed that I don't much care for VLC's santa hat or it's rootnaziism. Currently I am using SMPlayer and it seems to be working well enough, except that today it greeted me with this:


Spare a penny sir… haven't eaten all day sir.

Now I am not quite ready to dump SMPlayer yet, but it is a bit of a disappointment. I am hoping that the "Stop bugging me about this" checkbox will actually function the way I think it does. In the meantime, please consider my ad-free blog post to be my way of plugging the product.


2016 Window Celery

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As it turns out, there are a number of things you can grow in your window from scraps. I tried some celery before but it didn't do so well. This time it seems to be doing a little better. I think it has to do with being very diligent about changing the water every morning.


Black-thumb farming.



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I know this guy who wants to build a boat. He wants to build it out of wood. In fact, he wants to build it out of locally available wood. It sounds like he has an abundance of aspen trees in his area and he's wondering just how bad they'll smell if they get wet. Well, time to get out a big bucket of water and a hunk of aspen eh pal? Here's a shot of a couple aspens that are just up the road from me… they seem to tower over the surrounding trees.


Just look at those babies!

The Cost Of Grant's Scotch

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A friend of mine and I recently found ourselves at the booze shop standing in front of the "Scotch section" and wondering if the giant bottle of Grants with the handle is actually cheaper by volume than the plain old big bottle. So I took a quick pic (not a dick pic) with my brilliantphone and today I figured I should find out the answer.


Grant's Family Reserve Scotch Whiskey

Turns out the 1750ml superjug is 3.27¢ per ml while the measly 1140ml bottle is 3.42¢ per ml. Well, if you're that set on saving some money, go for the jumbo jug. :-)

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